Are Managed Services Right for You?

Many firms do not have the resources to properly staff and support their own security operations. However, they still need fully integrated, standardized, and scalable physical security systems and operations.

Northland Controls Managed Services is an ideal solution. We will bring best practices to your company’s operations, policies and procedures, allowing you to bring greater services and value to your internal customers.

Comprehensive Coverage

Creating and managing a fully integrated, consistent, standardized, and scalable physical security system requires more than video surveillance cameras, badge access systems and security officers. Our proactive, 24/7 approach includes verified alerts, investigation and resolution of false alarms, and integration of video surveillance and access control for a sophisticated and thorough monitoring solution.

Benefits of Managed Services

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Work With Leading Professionals

Outsourcing your operations center to our professionally trained operators allows you to pinpoint and respond to issues before, during, and after they occur. We provide operators trained in best practices, policies, and procedures derived from our work with Fortune 500 companies.

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Mitigate Risk

Our team is trained to act on actual security issues to dramatically reduce and mitigate risks. We will enable you to reduce errors and inaction based on system "noise" so we can collectively deal with true incidents swiftly and effectively.

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Scale Security Operations

You can manage your physical security regionally or globally using our enterprise-class managed services. We provide round-the-clock, centralized, coordinated operations underpinned by a "do whatever it takes" commitment to your success.

End-To-End Security Management

Northland Controls Managed Services offers proactive responses to access control alarms, enhanced by remote video verification. We will provide you with end-to-end security system maintenance and management from the device level up through software administration.

Collaborative Security

The Northland team will work closely with your IT department to maintain security servers and other devices, as well as manage and install appropriate software upgrades. Depending on your needs, we will also:

  • Provide integrated monitoring, dispatch and resolution of access control, video and alarms
  • Coordinate with your on-site security staff to identify and eliminate false-alarm scenarios
  • Facilitate communications and data sharing with local law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Compare Managed Services

Services Outsourced Security Services Northland Managed Services
Alarm Management and Response
Video Monitoring and Investigation
Notification and Dispatch Services
Security System Administration and Management
Video Guard
Employee Services and Assistance
Operational Matrix Reporting
Device Audits and Management
Badge Management
Incident and Emergency Response
Sole Focus on Corporate Security
Indexed Storage, Retrieval of Security Records
= Completely available = Partially available = Not available