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South Indian Tuk-Tuk Challenge: Sorry Officer

Nov 16, 2010

On the first day, we were given the assignment of getting a picture of our tuk tuks with a cow. This was a relatively easy task as cows are often wandering around the roadways. Paul and Kagan bullocks cart driver to pull over for their photo.

The next day we were to take a photo with police officers. Not as easy, but everyone got their photo, with a few of us giving the officer a ride to their next destination. Henry, on the other hand, actually ran into the police officer’s car and scratched his new chrome bumper. They were pretty angry and were not accepting Henry’s apology. Paul and Henry did a lot of fast talking, and somehow got them smiling and convinced them to pose for a photo with them anyway.

An ongoing challenge is “dodge the bus”. The bus drivers are extremely aggressive. In this photo a bus has pulled out to pass a group of three trucks in spite of their clearly having seen us in our lane. We had no choice but to drive off the road as the bus roared by.

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