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Webinar: Building a Resilient Company in the 21st Century - Laying the Foundation [On-Demand]

Aug 18, 2022

In an interconnected world and workforce that now often works from home, resilient companies have to build a security program that extends beyond gates and guards but it can feel overwhelming and like there are never enough resources or budget.

This three-part webinar series presented by industry veteran and security consultant, Charles Baxter, will walk participants through an integrated approach to security that improves safety outcomes and resiliency one step at a time.

During this first session we will discuss:

  1. The threat landscape and the impact on businesses of all sizes
  2. A 360-degree, 24/7 view of risk
  3. Risk assessments
  4. Building a security master plan one step at a time

Check out the other episodes in this webinar series below:
Episode Two: Managing Threats Inside the Walls
Episode Three: Managing Threats Outside the Walls