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Webinar: Building a Resilient Company in the 21st Century - Managing Threats Outside the Walls [On-Demand]

Oct 27, 2022

This three-part webinar series presented by industry veteran and security consultant, Charles Baxter, will walk participants through an integrated approach to security that improves safety outcomes and resiliency one step at a time.

In an interconnected world and workforce that now often works from home, resilient companies have to build a security program that extends beyond gates and guards but it can feel overwhelming and like there are never enough resources or budget.

The 3rd and final installment of this webinar series will focus on moving your company from reacting to external threats to proactively mitigating risk before it starts. We will cover:

  • Proactive Strategies for the changing threat landscape
  • Tools for managing threats outside the walls of your business
  • Components of a successful critical event management program

Check out the other episodes in this webinar series below:
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