Gloria brevis est, Honor longa est

It is our mission to be the most trusted and influential leader in the industry. We will provide our customers unparalleled “no-excuses” services anywhere in the world where they may operate. Our core values:

Our Core Values: Take on Challenges, Be Honorable, Have Fun, Our People, Do Whatever it Takes

Pierre Trapanese


Pierre has been the CEO and owner of Northland Controls since 2005.  With the help of our superb team, our company has grown organically from US$1.5 million to $44 million in just 10 years. We are recognized as the premier global services provider in the security industry, and have offices in the Silicon Valley, Washington DC, London, Bengaluru, Singapore and Shanghai.

Pierre has 25 years of international project and financial management experience in the construction industry. He embarked on his career as a project engineer for JCI, progressed to a project manager at JWP, went back to school, and became a struggling entrepreneur prior to Northland. He serves on the board of directors of the Security Industry Association (SIA). He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

Paul Thomas

President & COO

Paul joined Northland Controls in 2008 as Vice President of the Americas. He quickly established himself as a leader within our company, becoming our President and COO within a few years. He brings 35 years of industry experience, participates on a number of boards, including, Security Xchange, NSCA & PSA, and is a recognized industry leader and mentor.

Previously with GE Security, Paul was responsible for business development through the Architect and Engineering channels. He was also responsible for GE’s technical management of the Professional Sports and Entertainment channel, and managed the security design for a number of Professional Sports Centers. Prior to GE, Thomas spent 20 years as Executive Vice President for RFI Communications & Security Systems, a multi-million dollar diversified systems integrator in the San Francisco Bay area.

Henry Hoyne


Henry joined Northland Controls in 2006 as the first Applications Engineer.  He quickly grew the team to over 45 across 3 regions globally before taking on a VP of Professional Services role, and now CTO.  Responsibilities include the oversight of the Northland Labs division and IT services, and technology selection/deployment both internally and to clients.  In addition, he helped design and implement the Global Security Operations Centers for some of the most prestigious names in Silicon Valley and remains involved in large scale systems design. 

Prior to Northland, Henry spent 6 years at Netversant, where he was part of their Engineering team and led multi-million dollar projects for large clients and Data Centers. He holds numerous industry certifications at the highest levels and is a member of Technical and Cybersecurity Committees and advisory boards.

Jim Conley


Jim has overseen Northland Controls’ Finance group since joining the company in 2009. He is instrumental in the financial management of the company’s rapid growth, strategic initiatives, and complex international compliance requirements

Jim built a broad base of financial expertise with 19 years of experience at companies such as HP, Kana Software and Agilent Technologies before joining Northland. His career at HP included Financial Analyst and Manager positions in businesses ranging from Integrated Circuits, Test & Measurement to Service & Support. Jim was Kana’s Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. At Agilent, Jim held several positions in the Life Sciences Group including the Americas Field Controller and the Worldwide Pricing Controller.

Jim holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Guy Morgante

Chief Customer Advocate

Guy joined Northland Controls in 2010 to help launch the Managed Services Division. He has built a team and infrastructure to solve the security industry’s last-mile by truly integrating technology with operations. While building the Northland Global Security Operations Center and underlying technology and operational foundation, he also led the access control migration and video management platform selection process for one of the largest high tech companies in the world.

As Chief Customer Advocate, he is devoted to making sure Northland exceeds our customers’ expectations in every way.  

Guy has been involved in developing Services and Business Development organizations for over 30 years at high tech companies such as Aspect Communications, Informix, Oracle and SAIC. For the 5 years just prior to Northland Controls, Guy was involved in video analytics in the Security Industry as Vidient Systems’ VP of Global Professional Services. While there he was responsible for all implementation and integration services, including international critical infrastructure security initiatives.

Kayla Prettitore

President, Managed Services

Kayla is the President of Northland’s Managed Services and oversees the security operations for the world’s largest privately-held GSOC which protects and secures more than 350,000 employees, in more than 20 countries and across 400 sites. She joined Northland with more than 10 years’ experience in the energy and utility industry with a focus on physical security, logistics and emergency management.  Kayla regularly advises clients on physical security programs, emergency management and security standards for employees, contractors, and visitors.

While working for Con Edison, Kayla initiated and led the largest security improvement project for the company. She also held a position on the steering committee for the Energy Sector Analyst Roundtable; a private utility industry intelligence sharing group. She’s presented at the Power Grid Resilience conference where she facilitated a workshop on Physical Security Best Practices and Maintaining NERC CIP compliance for the Utility Industry in 2016.

Kayla’s current customers represent some of the world’s most recognizable and fastest growing brands who grapple with defining an appropriate level of duty of care.

Shad McPheters

General Manager, Americas

Shad joined Northland in 2011 as our General Manager overseeing our Washington DC Office. In 2013, he became General Manager for the Americas, working out of our headquarters in Fremont, CA. Shad is responsible for the Americas Project Management, Installation and Procurement Teams. He also works closely with our excellent network of Local Service Providers, who are part of our extended operations team and assist us with our installations throughout the US, Canada and Latin America.

Shad’s background is in Security Operations. He has worked on security projects in over 20+ countries during his career. This work has included delivering global physical security programs for Novell Inc., VeriSign Inc., and the Securitas Global/National Accounts Group.

Shad holds a BS from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Marymount University.

Edward Wears

Managing Director, EMEA

Edward joined Northland Controls as our EMEA Managing Director in 2011. He has been instrumental in fostering our company culture throughout our EMEA organization and our team of local service partners (LSPs). Edward and his team have gained the trust of our clients and LSPs in the region while doubling turnover from US$5 million to $10 million in 4 years.

He was previously at Sony Ericsson where he spent 3 years heading change management initiatives and helped reduce spending by €35 million, while increasing governance, internal communications and cost transparency. Prior to that, he was responsible for the management of performance and quality of the Corporate IT Program Management Office. As a Global Program Manager, Edward was responsible for IT infrastructure and software projects across 30 countries while managing up to 40 resources within a mixed matrix organization.

Edward holds a DMS from Kingston University, UK.

Kagan Gan

General Manager, APAC

Kagan has extensive experience with security projects across the APAC region. He joined Northland Controls in 2009 as a project manager and established the company’s office in Singapore.

In his role as General Manager, he constantly evaluates the performance, responsiveness, and quality of the Local Service Provider network in APAC. He manages relationships and security projects for Northland’s global clients in the APAC region.

In addition to his wide-ranging experience with global security standards, Kagan is an experienced facilities management professional.

Kagan received his diploma with merit in electronic and computer engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore and an advanced diploma in management from the Management Development Institute of Singapore.

The Northland Story

Northland was founded in 1982 by Phil Cuendett as a fire and security systems integrator in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2000, Phil recognized the need for greater professionalization in the security industry’s project management capabilities, and participated on the Board of Advisors of Integrated Security Network (ISN), where he met Pierre Trapanese. As part of ISN, a philosophy around project management and customer care evolved they both saw as essential to the professionalization of the industry. Five years later, Pierre wanted to take on the greater challenge of owning operational problems, rather than advising others as a consultant. In 2005, Pierre approached Phil about buying Northland, and implementing the philosophy they had talked about years before. The trust between them put in place a foundation for the Northland that has greatly evolved since then.

Prior to Northland, Pierre had spent a dozen years attempting to launch a successful entrepreneurial venture. He had written a number of business plans, talked to angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment bankers. He was intimately aware of the “right” path to success, and had not succeeded. At Northland, he threw out the instruction manual of successful entrepreneurship, and embarked on the George Costanza School of Business approach. He set out to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing.

As early as 2006, with only 10 employees Northland’s mission was to become a true global service provider. The only instruction our people had was to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy, regardless of the time and the cost. And if our people were to take care of our customers, it went without saying that Northland should take care of our people. While the industry was cutting benefits and tracking every cost, Northland added benefits, increased wages and entrusted its people.

The sense of trust and can-do attitude this fostered resulted in an instantaneous recognition from customers that we had their best interest in mind. Our customers rewarded us with greater trust, more difficult challenges, and, unexpectedly at first, word-of-mouth references. To fulfill demand, we hired great people, focused on training, and taking on challenges, rather than avoiding them. We were further rewarded with ever-more-difficult project deployments on a world-wide scale.

Over the years, we have focused further on recruiting the best possible candidates, providing extensive training, and providing high-value services. We ensure our installations are those of a craftsman, our project managers take care of the smallest details, and we have clearly demonstrated the importance of knowing the applications inside and out. We have been entrusted to work on some of the most difficult integrations and projects in our marketplace, have succeeded, and are further entrusted with the next challenge. We know we must earn that trust everyday on every project. Our Core Value to Be Honorable ensures we do the right thing always. The trust it engenders permits us to Have Fun and take care of Our People, including our employees, our service partners and our clients. We thank all of you for being a part of the Northland experience.

2005 - 2015
2005 Pierre Trapanese purchases Northland Controls
2007 UK Office Opens
2009 Singapore Office Opens
Northland gains reputation for design-build of Global Security Operation Centers and Data Center Security
2010 Washington, DC Office Opens
Northland is one of the largest Lenel global resellers and becomes Software House accredited
2012 Shanghai Office Opens
2013 Managed Services is launched
GSOC gains its 10th client
Revenue grows from $1.5 - $58 million from 2005-2015
Bangalore Office Opens
$68 MM

Thriving on the Unknown

The Northland Challenge is about breaking down stereotypes, overcoming our fears of the unknown, and getting out of our shells to work with locals to find our way from one end of their country to the other without the use of technology.

We have raced across india in Tuk Tuks, the Caucasus in 4x4s, and across Uganda and Rwanda. The Challenges have affected all of the participants in wonderfully positive ways, allowing us to thrive with the fantastic opportunities available to us. And now, we are challenging ourselves to go a step further…to leave behind for the people we encounter an opportunity to accelerate their economic development and to thrive as individuals and as a community.

North America

We start the day driving a long dusty road into the back hills of California behind Mono Lake. We arrive at Bodie, a boom town during the gold rush that was home to 7,000 people in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Given the altitude, the dry air and cool temperature, what is left of the town is amazingly well preserved, and a bit eerie. Another testament to the ingenuity, fortitude and perseverance of the adventurous spirit that will one day become the basis of the Silicon Valley.

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East Africa

Teams Haraka, Poli Poli 2014, Photon Cultivators, KC Enginerds and Solar Bear are hustling through the underbrush of the rain forest in a downpour trying to keep up with their cheerful guides. It is 5:30 pm and everyone is out of breath at the so-far two-hour exertion in the darkening gloom. They were told earlier they had to start getting out of the rainforest by 6 pm as sunset is at 6:30. The gang is wet and tired, when one of the guides points upward. In the top of the trees, they can just make out a family of chimpanzees. It is nice, but as it is raining, the chimps are unlikely to come down. While Vivian is craning her neck looking upward, she hears "Viv, Viv" from the others. She looks down and just in front of her is a chimp. Very quickly our group is surrounded by a dozen chimps who alternately stare at our gang and ignore them. The rain subsides and a mist starts to rise from the forest floor. The two groups, chimps and humans, begin to casually walk side-by-side through the mist. It is awesome.

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It's 4:30 am and I am at a cafe having a Turkish coffee while awaiting my flight. A security agent walks up and asks, "are you Mr. Trapanese? Didn't you hear us trying to page you?" He escorts me back out through security, and through several more layers of security to the baggage handling area. I see my suitcase open with the canon shell I had traded for in Dadivank sitting next to it. Expecting this, I was prepared for an explanation as I did not want to give up on this souvenir that all the Challengers had signed. I was surprised to hear the security officer congratulate me on winning the race (I didn't, but had some medals in my suitcase). He apologized for unpacking my suitcase, and wanted me to repack it to make sure nothing was missing. He asked for my understanding as he had seen through the x-ray machine a very large metal object resembling an explosive casing. I had fun showing him our route and talking to him about what a great time we all had.

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Southern India

65 kms came and went, and no way point. 80 kms and nothing. By now the thunderstorm had turned into a full blown cyclone, and we were completely alone on the road. As useless as the manual windshield wiper normally is, it was all we had, and we used it frantically. Imagine driving in a cyclone with one hand on the steering handlebar and the other on the wiper handle. A bit stressful.

After 100 kms, we were completely confused as to how we could have missed the turn. We were all soaked and cold. We kept asking directions, and were continuously told it was ahead! At this point we noticed a petrol station, and pulled in. Osso Bay and AutoBear were there as we pulled in with VeriBear. A few minutes later Oracle of Tuk showed up. We all stood in the deluge soaked to the bone. The petrol station attendants refused to come out in the rain as we frantically waved them over.

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