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SOC Roundtable Wrap Up: Innovative Use of Access Control Data

Jul 18, 2016

The recent SOC round table was abuzz with lively discussion on the many ways companies are using access control and video data to make important business decisions.

Examples included: moving shift change times to avoid long lines in the parking garage which ultimately improved employee satisfaction and morale at the manufacturing plant, understanding occupancy rates and needs to determine the amount of space and resources companies need to plan for, and using data to determine traffic/use patterns for things like company stores, gyms, and conference rooms. License plate recognition data was another hot topic. Several members of the round table catalog the data and create blacklists. As part of a neighborhood watch, companies share BOLO’s (Be On Lookout Of) which included plate numbers. The system flags those plates and generates an alarm should they come through a driveway. Thanks again to all of those who participated in the lively discussion and information sharing.