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Rapid Deploy Kit: A New Solution for Securing Temporary Spaces

By Northland Controls, Jul 15, 2021

There is a gap in the industry when it comes to securing short-term and temporary spaces.

Companies often find themselves weighing the pros and cons of securing temporary spaces versus the cost to secure these types of offices, store fronts, and other short-term properties. While new construction proves to be the most cost effective, retrofitting a space, especially one that has a lease of one year or less, can put a dent in any security budget. When a client was recently faced with this exact problem, the Northland Controls team stepped up to the challenge to create a rapid deploy kit ready to be shipped to various locations around the world.

“This kit makes our solutions mobile and flexible,” says Danny Chung, Northland Controls’ Global Director of Design and Consulting. “For our clients struggling to secure their short-term spaces, this allows them to spend their budget much more wisely. By using a kit like the one we’ve developed, clients can mitigate the cost of a full retrofit installation to save anywhere between 50-75% of their costs.” He goes on to say, “We really haven’t seen this type of installation within our industry before and are excited because this innovation is exactly what we here at Northland strive to accomplish for each of our clients’ challenges.”

With the combined power of Design and Consulting, Technicians, Application Engineers, and Purchasing and Logistics, these fully hard cased rack boxes received a full security upgrade. Featuring a custom fabricated panel for mounting critical boards like wireless intrusion devices, two drawers to hold cameras, contacts, PIRs and patch leads, and a PoE switch and video recording server, the rapid deploy kit is a full-spectrum solution for pop-up shops, short term leases, buildings with difficult installation specs, and even outdoor events.

Mark Smith, Northland’s Design Quality Automation Manager and lead designer on the kit, says, “The most innovative aspect of these cases is the ability to mount all of your security needs in one ready-to-go case. While the technology isn’t necessarily new, the way that our team has configured these rapid-deploy kits will give our clients the ability to secure their typically complicated spaces without leaving damage or debris behind - and that is a huge step forward.”

Each custom box is connected to the corporate network and can feature access control, intrusion detection, and video management system technology. Focusing on the challenge of securing short-term spaces, these kits can be easily moved and reused as your company continues to move from one location to the next.

“While not all businesses have the budget for permanent security solutions in temporary locations, they do have a need to secure their corporate data and provide safety and security for their employees,” says Derrick Randall, Northland’s Regional Design Manager. He adds, “Whatever the reason or requirement, Northland can now offer you a custom-made security extension to your enterprise system that can be easily packed away and deployed to its next location when the time comes.”

Based on an individual company’s needs, there are multiple applications for a mobile and customizable security kit. In addition to securing temporary spaces, it can also provide companies the option to demo and test a product before installing on their live system.

When using a demo kit, companies can see just how the product would function before committing to a certain technology. Additionally, security teams working on a particular system can use it to conduct additional real-world training. This type of training not only provides career enhancement opportunities but helps to build a more secure environment by making sure each member of the team understands what happens when alerts and other actions are being taken in a security operations center or in the field.

To compliment a demo kit, a test kit allows companies to do as the name suggests - test a new technology or a new method before deploying it on their live systems. This added step can help make sure the technology is compatible and will work in real-world situations without damaging or compromising a company’s site. Designed to simulate alarms, developers deploying these new technologies can interact with their systems, such as their access control system, and identify any red flags before a system-wide deployment.

We are excited to be partnering with our clients in these innovative ways to continue meeting their challenges head on. Want more information on a rapid deploy kit, demo kit, or testing kit? Contact us at or download the data sheet below.