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Northland Global Security Operations Center Celebrates 5 Years of Service

Aug 24, 2018

This week marked the 5th anniversary of Northland Control’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), so we caught up with former GSOC operations manager Diane Stonebraker who is one of three original GSOC team members, along with Jaime Sanchez Ayala and Jose Garcia, still with us after all these years.

It has long been the mission of Northland Controls to be the most trusted and influential leader in the industry, and to provide our customers unparalleled “no-excuses” services anywhere in the world that they operate. It was with this mission in mind Northland laid the foundations down for our Managed Services department which centered around building a virtual GSOC for our customers which has developed into our GSOC as a Service (GSOCaaS) offering.

On August 19th, 2013 the GSOC started out with one client and 2 operators per shift, including the manager who worked as an operator on day shift. Our GSOC now monitors more than 350,000 employees in 20+ countries for more than 400 sites, including that first client. The GSOC was visually very different from the GSOC we know and love today, as it had only one row of desks with only 3 computers and monitors. Today we have two GSOC monitoring locations and the original Fremont GSOC is more than twice its original size, as it was renovated earlier this year, overtaking a neighboring room.

Mrs. Stonebraker adds, “When we initially started, all 8 operators were brought in for training at the same time. We trained on procedures and CCure without having any connections yet to the client.” After training, each of the operators visited the client site to map out doors and cameras themselves, as the client had no documentation of their system to provide. “All the initial operators were actively involved with on-boarding the client. Action Plans for the client changed on a daily basis as we worked thru our processes with the client.” This collaborative spirit has kept with the GSOC and is part of what makes our dedication to unmatched customer service on a global scale possible. “We have come a long way in 5 years going from 1 client that was only based in Milpitas to 18 clients with sites worldwide. I am excited for the future of the GSOC. The new GSOCaaS offerings will bring more to our clients and provide new challenges to the GSOC.” And in true Northland spirit, we can’t wait to take those challenges on.