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Northland Controls Tech Talk: Mobile Credentials (Part 2)

Apr 09, 2021

What would a transition from a legacy system to mobile credentials entail?

Want to know what a transition from a legacy system to one that supports mobile credentials would entail? In this episode of Northland Tech Talks, Danny Chung, Global Director of Design and Consulting, speaks more about making the switch. Here are three questions to consider.

1) What manufacturer that you are using?
2) What type of credentials are you implementing?
3) How much is the subscription cost?

When mobile credentials were first introduced to the marketplace, they were positioned to replace traditional access cards. However, they are now widely viewed as a supplemental technology as opposed to a complete replacement. Even so, there has been tremendous growth over the past five years within the private commercial sector, such as office buildings, which is expected to dominate the market with over 90% of the total market size through 2023. Our growing dependence on smart phone technology can clearly be seen in our everyday lives, but are mobile credentials the right fit for your organization?

If you have more questions or would like to understand more about making the switch to mobile credentials, please email us at