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Installer Inspired by Technician Challenge to Ethiopia

Nov 29, 2017

We met up with Christian Corpuz, one of our Bay Area-based installers who took part in our latest Tech Challenge to give us his take on the not-so-mini Challenge, Ethiopia and how he feels now being back at home. Christian has been a part of the Northland family for 2 years. Prior to the Challenge, Christian was surprised and excited to be chosen to go, “I didn’t think I was going to get chosen… but it changed my life and I’m a better person.” For Christian, the Challenge was not just about the solar installations. He says it has inspired him to want to do more for low-income families and children, and even to just be friendlier!

His favorite memories from the Tech Challenge are from his interactions with the locals in Adisge. Being away from home in a foreign country where you don’t speak the same language can be overwhelming, but Christian says the incredible hospitality he experienced made him feel right at home. Anything he possibly needed, whether it be tools, food or water was taken care of immediately, and he even counts just playing soccer with the children as an unforgettable experience.

While working at the Adisge school, he partnered up with a local man who was deaf. Christian said he experienced such a connection with this man that anything Christian needed he brought to him, “It’s like he read my mind.” This hospitality followed them throughout their trip, and is something that has made a huge impact on Christian- “I tell my friends I’m not Filipino anymore, I’m Ethiopian.”

The Tech Challenge really has changed Christian’s life. Just speaking to him you can feel his passion about the experience and how it has inspired him to be more thankful of everything we have here in the US. He hopes to have the opportunity to go back to Ethiopia and do more for the communities there, and here at home he’s excited to continue growing and working with Northland. Christian says, “They really do treat me like family,” which is what the Northland culture is all about.