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Five Reasons Why Outsourced GSOC Is The New Reality

Nov 29, 2016

Gone are the days of a few security officers sitting at a desk or doing the occasional patrol. Incidences of increasing data theft, employee mobility, workplace violence and more rigorous regulatory compliance are driving greater adoption of physical security solutions and new developments in technology.

Now security involves access control, video surveillance, biometrics, autonomous data machines—and a host of technologies that must be monitored and managed. Additionally, the lines between physical and network security are blurring. While average annual security budgets have swollen from roughly $1.4 million in 2011 to well over $4 million, with 50% increases in some years, companies that are experiencing losses greater than $10 million annually are also increasing. All indications are that security budgets are going up, but results are not necessarily improving.

Businesses that want to survive, now must have application engineers, global program managers, security integrators, project managers, consultants who write policies and procedures, people to manage access levels and permissions, and local service providers that can service and maintain a variety of technologies. The need for higher level specialization is straining budgets.

Several factors have combined to make outsourcing global security operations centers (GSOC) the new norm.

1.The threat landscape has changed and there is growing awareness for the need for increased physical security.

  1. Awareness has led to new technologies that need to be implemented and managed by a highly skilled and sophisticated workforce.

  2. Security budgets are growing but not at the pace and rate that can compete with the needs.

  3. It’s the era of the sharing economy and the competitive advantages cannot be ignored.

  4. There’s a greater need to use physical security data for operations decisions so businesses can remain competitive.

For a more in depth analysis of the rise of outsourced GSOC, download the white paper here