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20 Northlanders Headed to PSA Tec and a Good Time Was Had by All

Jun 08, 2017

We had a great week at PSA Tec with 20 attendees from Northland.

We’d like to recognize those people that received certifications during the week of training including Mark Linkiewicz-Security Network Technician, Kevin Franklin-CCure Certification, Alex Mohammadkhan-CCure Certification, Noe Vargas-Lenel Certification, Ron Sagurit-Lenel Certification, Troy Hales-CSPM, Bryan Boynton-CSPM, Dylyn Reynolds-CSPM and Kevin Kudlik-CSPM. Thank you to all that participated and made the extra effort to achieve certifications. These go a long ways with our customers and are very helpful when we can tell potential customer that we are well certified in the systems we install. Congratulations!