Project Manager

At Northland Controls

Job Title: Project Manager
Reports To: Program Manager
Department: Program Management Office
Location: Milpitas, CA

Job Mission
The successful applicant manages a project portfolio ranging from $1,500,000 to $3,000,000 in project value. Project managers are responsible for the entire project lifecycle from budgeting through job completion and after care.

Project managers are responsible for the project scope, schedule, and cost. Project managers attend owner, architect and contractor meetings representing the security interests of our clients.

Defining and managing scope requires project planning and recurring reporting. Project managers establish project plans at the project’s outset and report frequently during the project’s course. They publish the scope and ratify it with interested parties. Scoping includes written statements of work, responsibility matrices, device schedules, and project drawings.

Like project scoping, the project manager defines and manages project schedules. Scheduling requires coordination between multiple interested parties, ratifying the schedule, and executing the schedule. Scheduling requires recurring review of baseline and actual schedules; reviewing requires reporting the revisions to baseline schedules. Schedules are defined by several milestones. Within the milestones work is broken down into tasks. Tasks include durations and staffing levels. Scheduling is often done using Gantt charts, but other methods can be used as well.

Managing cost requires establishing a project budget and work packages, executing the project in line with the budget, and reporting status. Forecasting future costs and invoicing are also required. Simple reporting includes estimated versus actual costs, a more sophisticated approach is earned value.

Attending owners, architect and contractor meeting is in interactive experience. Project manager’s review published meeting notes and highlight their responsibilities. They execute their assigned duties and they report on their progress. They also take and publish copious notes. During the meeting they answer questions and present their project plans and requirements.


  • Bachelor of Science degree, preferably in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or construction management.
  • Completion of CSPM certification from the Security Industry Association – within the first six months of hire.
  • Five years of project management experience.


  • Delivers completed projects to our clients.
  • Develops a relationship with the decision makers of customers.
  • Present a professional image of company when speaking to customers.

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