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Northlander Eli Garcia Returns to the Den

By Northland Controls, Feb 24, 2021

We always love when a member of the Northland family returns home, and Eli Garcia is no different.

After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus from Northland, he is back to serve as a Program Manager leading the A2 Team. In his previous tenure with the company, Eli was instrumental in developing some of the main processes and initiatives that we use here at Northland today. Director of Integration Services, Terry Graham, says, “Eli is bringing back with him a fresh new outlook and ideas from the outside looking in that will be beneficial in his new role at Northland.”

Check out what Eli had to say about his return to Northland below!

Any major life updates since you left Northland?
I left Northland in August of 2018 and since then have added two little cubs (grand boys) born two months apart in 2019. With three grandkids now, I’m very busy feeding them berries!

What brought you back to the Northland family?
A couple of persistent individuals (Northland employees)! There are many security integrators in this industry that I have worked for or know of, and Northland has always been one that stands out and takes on challenges head-on. I wanted to get back to a company that faces challenges headfirst and somehow still succeeds when things look bleak.

What are you most excited about now that you’re back with Northland?
The people. I’ve worked with many bears at Northland, and they all have been warm and cuddly. The comradery between people is great from all NCS offices throughout the globe. It’s the people that make the company fun to be at – that’s what I’m excited about.

What did you learn while you were away that you are looking forward to implementing in your position here?
What I learned while I was away was actually being worked on here at Northland while I was hibernating: structure and Smartsheets! I worked heavily on Smartsheets while I was gone and look forward to providing suggestions for Smartsheets (portfolio). I see areas where we can improve that will help with efficiency.

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed within Northland since you have returned?
Team structure, firm processes, ticketing system, security measures for logging in, and more importantly the project portfolio tool which makes managing so many projects at once so much easier. It also allows for better communication with clients and team members.

What is the best part about working in the security industry?
It’s seeing and working with the latest and greatest technology to secure a facility. Technology continues to advance daily, and it’s always great to see new products work as intended. I also enjoy building partnerships with many vendors and competitors. Those relationships have turned into longtime friendships.

Welcome home, Eli! We know your big smile and incredible acumen will only make our team stronger.